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Buy LSD Blotters online is very easy to get at our LSD shop. LSD Blotters are made from soaking blotting paper in LSD liquid. This is one of the best ways of consuming LSD in many countries. You can easily buy LSD Blotters cheap online from our shop, we offer great pricing and discreet delivery.

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250ug, 270ug, 300ug, 500ug


1 Sheet (10×10)

28 reviews for Buy LSD Blotters

  1. Marina

    Good quality Quality product

  2. PsychoEnthusiast

    PsychedSubstances trusts this product. Therefore, I trust this product. Works perfectly as advertised.

  3. Anon

    Mine turned purple. Appears to be legit. Thanks!

  4. jameson

    the cost of this product is relatively low compared to the assured safety you’ll feel knowing you’re consuming what you think you are. Fast, discrete shipping, easy to use, and really works.

  5. CollegeDeadhead

    Ensures you’ll have a wonderful 12 hours!

  6. philip

    Works as advertised! (:

  7. anon

    Fast shipping considering coming from Canada to USA. It does exactly what it was advertised to do. I tested several indole containing compounds and all samples turned purple. Any gels will take much longer to turn, as well as psilocybin, but the latter is stated in the instructions. A+ would recommend vs. a no name brand. If anyone wonders what the loose material is in the container, it is vermiculite.

  8. Josh

    Been experimenting with lsd and this product has fast and easy to read results to stay safe as you can be when making iffy decisions

  9. Casual

    I don’t have much to say, but it worked as described, indications for use were clear.

  10. GandalfTheLysergic

    Works perfectly! One thing I would recommend you doing is to set a timer as soon as the drop hits the sample for about 2 hours. The time frame recommended in the test kit manual I think is way too short. Give it more than enough time for the reaction to occur. Do this one a white ceramic plate as it will provide a perfect backdrop for the color results to show. I’m proud of you for testing your substance. It shows a lot of responsibility and that you care about knowing what you may be ingesting. The best thing you can do for yourself and others is to test your samples. That not only gives you peace of mind knowing it is the correct substance but also keeps you and anyone else safe. Again, great job in caring for yourself and being respectful to the molecule. I see you ❤️

  11. Sérgio

    good quality
    Great product, shipping was quick, amazing for research

  12. Travis Seamn

    Thanks I received my order

  13. Frederick H.

    Fast delivery… Great products quality guys… awesome customer service, it was really helpful

  14. Kay

    Gets its intended purpose done

  15. Mathew

    It works well. Packaging is nice.

  16. Guillermo

    Really good quality product. Fast delivery. Very good packaging.
    the treatment of the company has been excellent and comunication is fast.
    Thank realchems

  17. Sérgio

    Good product
    Arrived earlier than the first time i ordered, works great in my lab, lovely product recommend 10/10.

  18. Nescience

    Does as described. I had gel tabs and they took 30-45 minutes to turn the drops purple. Longer than anticipated, but it worked and was definitely acid.

  19. Visionary

    Those are Aced from bottom to ground the craftman ship is from a genius and could not ask for any less. is the GOD of Blotters
    All the test results were extremely positive with those presented in good settings
    Some results shown a big valuable lesson of misjudgment in safe environment.

  20. Cheez

    Thanks i received my order i will recommend your website

  21. Vera

    Info does not lie, nice art.

  22. kopio


  23. Trippygirl

    My order came fast and everything was packaged neatly and safely. Thank you for having this product, I feel much safer being able to use this. I have already used mine twice , stay safe everyone!!

  24. Steven Braden

    Hello and thank you for the note. We replied to all four of your email messages. Please take a look in your spam folder, there’s a good chance the responses are there. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks again.

  25. anon

    Instructions are clear, concise and the test kit is simple and easy to use. Results come in within the parameters mentioned in the documentation. Would buy again.

  26. Melissa

    Order arrived quicker than expected and works as advertised. The instructions are detailed and easy to follow. Great option for peace of mind.

  27. Alex

    It is a very good product overall, I would recommend it to anyone that’s looking forward to testing this substances. works great!

  28. Jose conseco

    works well and is pretty cheap

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